Thursday, February 5, 2009

Home Theater Speaker Setup

If you have purchased a set of home theater speakers or a home theater in a box (HTiB) system, you may have found a speaker placement guide included in the instructions manuals. These are there to help you get the best sound from your new system. Things often change in your room, whether you have rearranged the furniture, bought new furniture, or even moved your home theater into a new room or a new house. Such changes in the home theater environment can affect the sound coming from your system. And if you are not one to keep your manuals around for reference, you can check out one of many speaker placement guides online. You can probably even find your same instruction manual on the web site of your receiver or speaker's manufacturers. I also enjoy the interactive placement guide at Dolby's web site, showing the general ranges for speaker placement.

I recently purchased PSB home theater speakers that have performed exceptionally. Many receivers now have auto calibration microphones and technology to automatically set the speaker volume levels in relation to each other, which also maximizes your surround experience. The next step up in calibration is hiring an expert from a specialized installation service company to come into your home and calibrate your system, both the audio and the video.